Jesus Christ is the most important person in human history.

Stories were told about Him. Scholars have studied Him. Even our calendar revolves around his birth. Most of all, Jesus - who is both God and man - made the way for us to know God.
Made for Home

The story of the Bible begins with a good God creating a perfect world that was to be our home forever (see Genesis chapters one and two). In this home we were to discover our true identity as we enjoyed being part of God's family. We were to spend all of life worshipping God while enjoying his good gifts that had been so generously poured out on us. Tragically, this is not the world we now know or live in. So what went wrong?

Away from Home

The Bible describes the tragic turning point in human history that changed our current world from being our perfect home into a place filled with brokenness, brutality and pain. The Bible attributes this tragic event to human rebellion and selfishness. Genesis chapter three describes how the human race turned from God to live for itself. Since then, mankind has experienced the bitter consequences of living in opposition to God - physical decay, relational conflict, emotional unrest, and spiritual longing and emptiness.Is there any hope for us?

Returning Home

The rest of the Bible detailed God's loving plan to bring his broken and estranged creation back home to himself. This is the dominant question that the Bible seeks to answer: How can we as broken, selfish people be brought back home to God? This rescue plan of God is ultimately seen in the death and resurrection of God?s Son, Jesus Christ. The Bible explains how Jesus left his home in heaven in order to save us from our selfishness and to bring us safely home to our Heavenly Father.

So, with all that Jesus has done and achieved for us, returning home to our Heavenly Father starts with us accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour.



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