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The God Who Comes To You (Matthew 14:22-33)

Hilary Williams, 29/08/2021
Part of the Miscellaneous 2019-2021 series, preached at a Pulpit Series service

Matthew 14:22-33. Hilary Williams shares an encouraging word about Peter's encounter with Jesus on the water. We may recall that in the midst of a ferocious storm, Jesus walks on water - and Peter does the same. We need to be reminded that in the midst of life's storms, Jesus likewise meets us at our point of need. He promises never to leave, and delights when we respond to Him in trust and faith.

Tags: faith, hilary williams, Jesus, matthew 14, peter, storm, the god who comes to you, walking on water

About Hilary Williams: Hilary serves as Senior Pastor (2015- ) at Parramatta Christian Church. More on Hilary's bio
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